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The Network is here to support one another, create opportunities, and give you skills
Your fellow alumni can help you with jobs, access, advice, skills and much more
  • The alumni committee organises the annual alumni networking dinner, professional development sessions once a quarter and the sector leading Interfaith Summit.

    Joining the alumni committee is a fantastic way of directing the future and strategy for the network and developing your own skills in a UN award winning NGO

  • Alumni regularly share career opportunities and insight into the field with one another, this has helped alumni with their applications and getting into competitive roles.

    There are so many alumni in different sectors, if you want advice and help all you have to do is ask.

  • There are frequently events in Parliament such as APPGs, networking events and receptions shared on the events page.

  • You might want to run your own events, share job opportunities, get support for your projects, or something else completely. The Network and 3FF has such a wide range of skills and access, just ask!


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Juhi Verma

Juhi Verma graduated from ParliaMentors in 2015, she currently works at WellFound and is building a career in the International Development Sector

Charly Burridge-Jones

Charly is a professional actress. She also volunteers as a youth worker and help coordinate and run youth programmes. Charly became a ParliaMentor in 2008/09.

Hashim Bhatti

Hashim is a qualified solicitor and a former parliamentary researcher for Lord Sheikh. Hashim became a ParliaMentor in 2008/09.

Lara Kaplan

Lara Kaplan graduated from ParliaMentors in 2011, she is a qualified solicitor and now works in regulation

Keerti Rajagopalan

Keerti Rajagopalan graduated from ParliaMentors in 2016, their project “Outnumber Hunger” won awards from national faith organisations, 3FF and their University. Keerti is now studying for an MSc at Kings College London.

Aqeelah Malek

Aqeelah Malek graduated from ParliaMentors in 2016. Since then she has been elected BAME officer at the University of Nottingham Student’s Union, works for New Horizons in British Islam and organises the British Islam Conference, alongside completing her MSc.

Mamataj Begum

Mamataj Begum graduated from ParliaMentors in 2016, she is passionate about climate change and diversity in front of and behind the camera. Mamataj has been involved in Mitzvah Day and Sadaqa Day for a number of years and now works in CSR.

Grace Louisy

Grace Louisy graduated in 2016 with a degree in International Relations from the University of Birmingham. Since then she has become an Assistant Programmes Manager at the National Citizen Service.

Lizzie Teixeira

Lizzie Teixeira is a 2017 ParliaMentors graduate finishing her studies in MA Islamic Societies, Cultures & Intensive Arabic. She is interested in the intersections between race, sexuality and religion, the environment and marginalised narratives of minorities within religious traditions.

Afsana Salik

Afsana graduated in 2017 and while campaigning on mental health in London she is also pursuing a career in politics and international relations.

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