Alumni Discuss Referendum Impact at Hogan Lovells

ParliaMentors Alumna Speak at Hogan Lovells on Brexit and the UK’s communities

Hashim Bhatti, Gurinder Jhans and Bansri Buddhdev were invited to speak as part of an event addressing the impact of Brexit on the UK’s faith communities. A large audience of staff at Hogan Lovells kindly hosted the event which was run in partnership with 3FF.

Some of the themes that arose included; the increase in racially and religiously motivated hate crime in the UK, the role of faith communities in helping people in areas that have not seen the benefits of globalisation as clearly, the role the media can play in highlighting positive and negatives adherents of any tradition, what it now means to be British and how personal faith plays into our own sense of duty towards those in Britain and those outside.

This was also a fascinating opportunity to learn and understand the perspectives of those working at Hogan Lovells. Some shared their experiences of both solidarity and intolerance from members of the public and the role they see their own faith playing in their lives, and how confident they were in speaking out on their faiths and from their faiths.

We look forward to doing more of these events in the future, and if you think that you have a valuable perspective to share then do get in touch, just email Ben Shapiro



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