Alumni Election Podcast

ParliaMentors presents a new vision of leadership; collaborative, locally engaged and able to work across difference, building the next generation of leaders who are more diverse and representative.

The Alumni Committee bring this message to everything the network does and noticed that a lot of the people talking about this election do not represent them, the way they feel, their background and their age.
So the team decided that they would do a podcast to talk about the issues that matter to them.

Education was an issue close to their hearts as recent graduates and something that has come up a lot during this election campaign, with different plans for tuition fees, schools and further education. 

Grace, Juhi and Mamataj also discussed how their faith affects how they choose who they vote for, and how other parts of their identity play into that decision. They also discussed how politics affects their faith and the way they practise it. For example should politicians be able to decide the way you dress even if it might stop you getting enough Vitamin D? Is that politics taking too much of a step into your personal expression of your own faith?

The final topic was leadership, who is doing it well and are those people politicians or other people in society?

If you want to take part in the next one get in touch with us on facebook or send an email to the alumni committee

There’s also a competition to choose the name! Email to the alumni committee with your suggestions or comment on the facebook post.
N.B. the government might step in if we name it PoddyMcPodcastface…

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