Festivals, Climate Change & Nuclear War

On the podcast this month we have host Lizzie Teixeira, an alum from 2016-17, Grace Lousiy and Ben Shapiro taking a look back at some of the events from the past month and some of the lessons we have learned, and some of the things that world leaders might have also absorbed in an extremely volatile 30 days.

Mental Health, Faith and Culture

This month Mamataj Begum, Grace Louisy and Juhi Verma are joined by Nikhwat Marawat an alum from the 2015-16 cohort and a mental health campaigner. His inspiration for being so brave and bringing attention to the issue particularly of people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds suffering from mental health problems but not feeling able Read more about Mental Health, Faith and Culture[…]

Race, Faith, Gender and the BBC Pay Gap

This month Grace Louisy, Mamataj Begum and guest Charmaine Ibe talk about the BBC pay gap and how much this disproportionately affects women of BME backgrounds. They also look at the impact that agents have on the negotiation and the way that other broadcasters also make a big difference. They also acknowledge how much incredible work the BBC does do and the dilemmas created by schemes to help level the playing field for people from minority backgrounds.

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